Bostik AntiCor

Bostik AntiCor

A cement and mineral-based, one component, highly durable, synthetic material added mortar that is used for forming a waterproof sub-floor in flexible concrete applications and for protecting the reinforcements which are open and/or exposed to corrosion. It protects against corrosion in addition to installing an adherence bridge between old concrete and newly applied concrete layer.

Technical data:

Dmax (mm)




Applicable Thickness (mm)


Dry Unit Volume Weight (kg / lt)

1,3 ± 0,2

Wet Unit Volume Weight (kg / lt)

2,0 ± 0,2

Drying Time in Container (min)

~ 90

Drying Time (hour)

~ 24

Compressive Strength (28 days)= (N/mm2)

≥ 40

Bending Strength (28 days)= (N/mm2)

≥ 4

Adhesion Strength (28 days)= (N/mm2)

≥ 1,5

Mixture water amount (for 25 kg dry mortar)

7 - 8 lt

Environment temperature for application

Between +5°C and +35°C


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