Bostik Grout F

Bostik Grout F

This is a mineral and cement based, fast drying grout mortar that is prepared with reinforcement of high quality granulometric sand, cement and high quality chemical additives. It is used in the tasks of fastening various elements such as steel construction, equipments and machine foundations both interior and exterior. It has a very strong adhesion feature with high first and second compressive strengths. The product is flexible and fluid and it can be either applied manually or pumped by means of a machine in liquid state. It features expansion quality, doesn't undergo shrinkage and self-settles thanks to its high level of fluidity.  

Технически характеристики:

Макс дебелина (мм)




Дебелина на полагане (мм)


Сухо обемно тегло (кг / лтр)

1,6 ± 0,2

Мокро обемно тегло (кг / лтр)

2,2 ± 0,2

Drying Time in Container (min)

~ 30

Drying Time (hour)

~ 4

Compressive Strength (28 days)= (N/mm2)

≥ 60

Bending Strength (28 days)= (N/mm2)

≥ 6

Mixture water amount (for 25 kg dry mortar)

3,5 - 4 lt

Environment temperature for application

Between +5°C and +35°C


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